Case Studies GoLoco Media

As a new clinic on the market, our objective was to redesign the website, build brand awareness, generate trust and increase the number of cold leads.

The basic idea of ​​the website is to highlight the quality services that this polyclinic offers, and also their top medical team.

Adding a price calculator to the website was a must as it helps the user who wants to know in advance what the total value of their medical interventions could be. In fact, appointments can be made both by phone and through the "Appointments" and "Price Calculator" pages.

The website has a responsive design that leads to a pleasant browsing experience for mobile users.

In order to achieve brand awareness, we had a very elaborate Google Ads strategy put in place, an extensive SEO strategy and a big Social Media Marketing campaign:

• Educational posts / videos on YouTube in order to gain credibility and authenticity
• Short interviews with the best doctors of the clinic (to gain trust);
• Low prices to penetrate the market and to create a base of new loyal clients.

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