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Growing Your Audience Through Content

Sophia Eve
Sophia Eve
November 15, 2023

Media Production

Grow your audience with popular or trending content - all platforms will include a function allowing you to view what is popular or trending, can greatly benefit you.

The phrase "content marketing" has been bandied around by most web marketers during the last decade. But what exactly do we mean?

Essentially, content marketing is all about developing and distributing online content that will increase your visitors via organic search - Google, Bing, and so on.

The importance of this from a commercial standpoint is basic math. If you can increase your site traffic, you are also increasing your prospect pool, and more prospects should result in greater income and profit over time.

The significance of organic search for your organization over other acquisition methods is why content marketing has increased in popularity in recent years (e.g. social media, email marketing, paid search, referral).

Any digital marketer's objective these days is to rank high on Google and promote long-term client acquisition and business success. Unfortunately, nothing is simple, and content marketing is no exception.

Earning your rankings takes time and effort, and maintaining them via regular site optimization and link development takes much more effort. But it's well worth it!

Any great content strategy works best when you’re continually active but the difficulty with being consistent is you have to always gather new that will interest and create engagement for your target audience.

Isn't it exhausting? Always striving to come up with a content concept that is so useful that your audience will want to discuss it with their colleagues and return for more. That's a lot of strain to bear for anyone.

Now that you understand the goal of content marketing, let me break it down into steps to help you generate and promote content that will instantly provide value to your brand.

1. Data obtained from Google

Google remains my go-to for content ideas, just like it is for most of life's difficulties. While you may have considered using Google to find content suggestions for your niche or sector, you're probably not taking use of its Google capabilities.

The following are some of the features:

Snippets of Interest – Question drop-down boxes can occasionally be found towards the top of a results page. These are often asked questions that are a good place to start when building content topics.

Related Lookups – When you get to the bottom of the results page, you'll normally notice a list of Google's recommended search keywords. Drop down the rabbit hole and click on a couple to receive more content ideas.

Suggested Search - You know how when you're typing a query on Google's homepage and a window with suggested searches appears as you type? These are some of the most common searches connected to the terms you've already typed in, and they're great for getting ideas.

Google Trends - Only a few individuals are aware of Google Trends. It simply displays you what search terms are popular, when they are popular, and where they are popular. It will also show you a list of related inquiries, which is a terrific method to come up with new ideas.

2 – Rebuild and reorganize existing content

If you already have a content archive, you have access to a plethora of material that you may utilize to generate ideas for future content.

The first thing you should do is check at your analytics program to see what your most popular material is. Do you see any stylistic or topical trends? Look for the same tendencies in your least popular material after you've looked at your most popular. To engage and please your audience, create more concepts around your most popular content trends and less around your least popular trends.

Now that you know what types of content perform best, why not elaborate on one of your prior content ideas?

You may have also heard the term "repurposing" used. This entails modifying past information for new platforms, resulting in the creation of many types of content from one same concept.

3 – Pay Attention To Your Target Market

Whether you're a blogger or a company owner, meeting the demands of your target audience is the greatest way to succeed. As a result, the more information you have about your target audience, the better you will be able to provide them.

Although the concept is simple, really knowing about your target audience may be difficult. We have so much information in the era of the internet that it can be difficult to know how to begin or when to quit.

I always think that asking your audience for information is a great method to find out where to start. To accomplish this properly, though, you must ask the appropriate questions in order to obtain relevant responses. You must also engage your audience with what you have discovered they enjoy.

4 – Start with Your Field Of Work Or Specialty

There are a plethora of content ideas available in your business or area. Most sectors have regulatory organizations or research institutions that provide reports on current events or trends. You may look at research done by relevant organizations and utilize that knowledge to develop new trends or concepts that you can personalize.

If you're only interested in one industry or specialty, you may make a mind map to investigate different topics within your purview and write content for each subset.

This will aid in the development of your specialty authority while also offering value to your target audience.

5 – Do some competitor research

Find out what your big rivals are talking about and take notes on their most popular articles. Observe trends or patterns to integrate to your own work, but with your own distinct viewpoint.

6 – Forums

Forums like Quora and Reddit are two of the most popular places to hunt for content ideas. People are always asking questions here, which provides you with the ideal opportunity to generate material that answers them. Make a list of any common queries or themes, as well as any specific terms, so that your information is as useful as feasible.

There's so many forums on the web that it's worth investigating which ones provide more tailored suggestions for your target audience.

7 – Posts on Social Media

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram postings, and other social media sites provide a wealth of content for your blog. Each platform has its own set of features, however here are a few of the most common:

Read the comments on popular social media postings to determine what issues your target audience is discussing. Do they ask any questions or reply to certain postings in a certain way?

Look into the kind of material generated under the hashtags your target audience uses, particularly the most popular.

Recommended/Related Posts — To keep you browsing, most platforms will recommend or show material that they believe is comparable. Spend some time looking over this linked material to acquire ideas for stuff that your audience would enjoy.

Content that is popular or trending - all platforms will include a function that allows you to view what is popular or trending. This is the sort of material that people who use the site engage with and find valuable, so keep an eye out for any patterns.

8 – Keyword Analysis

It may seem strange to do keyword research while looking for article ideas. After all, how can you study keywords if you don't even know what you're looking for?!

However, there are several keyword tools available for finding content creation, as well as numerous examples available on the internet.


Content marketing is a fantastic strategy to expand your business.  If you follow the instructions in this article and continue to put in the effort, you will undoubtedly see a return on your long - term investment.

Always make sure that everything you publish is relevant and beneficial to your readers, and that you are consistently providing outstanding content.

The more relevant and beneficial you are to your audience, the more relevant and useful you will be to Google. Casting frequent nets to attract prospects is a guaranteed approach to build a solid and powerful marketing funnel.

Does it seem complicated?

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