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10 Steps to Building an Amazing Content Strategy

Jim-Rune Pedersen
Jim-Rune Pedersen
April 11, 2023

Digital Strategy

Effective digital strategies require careful planning and a thorough understanding of the target audience, competitors, and available resources.

Effective content marketing requires a well-thought-out approach. Your website's traffic and profits will soar if you regularly provide interesting and useful content. You may, however, end up losing both time and money if you haven't planned your approach well. It's important to prepare ahead before you even consider releasing any material. To assist you in developing a content marketing strategy, we've put up the following step-by-step tutorial.

1. Decide What You Want to Achieve

Understanding the purpose of your content is the first step in building a content marketing strategy. Does your company need to produce more potential customers? Yes, I'd want more visitors to my website. Is your goal to develop your brand's authority via content marketing? To achieve your goals, you'll need to create specific goals. When feasible, you should quantify your content marketing goals so that you can measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

2. Define Your Audience

Content marketing requires a thorough knowledge of your intended audience. Suppose you wish to target a certain demographic. As a result, you'll need to know what those people's interests are. In addition, you'll have to figure out what kind of information your intended audience will find interesting. Defining a persona for the average consumer is the next phase in content marketing strategy planning. The basic demographics of age, location, gender, and income should be included in your character. Consider the interests, worries, and motivations of your target audience while creating your content.

3. To Do Research about Your Competitors

The next stage is to find out how much competition you'll encounter in getting the attention of your target audience. But keep in mind that you will have competition for people's time and attention from more than just your usual opponents. In addition, information from news, reference, and entertainment websites covering the same themes as your postings may be found in the search results. The sort of material they are creating and what looks to be the most successful should be noted as you investigate your competition. You could also look at what keywords they're aiming to capitalise on.

4. Complete keyword and topic research

Next, you need to figure out what your target audience is looking for online in order to meet their needs. Google as well as other search engines have a wide variety of keywords that users use to find what they are looking for. A good place to start is by looking at the search volume for relevant terms. Your keyword research is likely to offer some unexpected findings and provide you with fresh content ideas.

5. Review the Existing Content

You may also learn a lot from the stuff you've previously published. As a result, find out which articles and pages on your website have produced the greatest attention and traffic. Also, figure out what keywords visitors are using to locate your site. You may get a better idea of what your target audience likes by analysing the performance indicators of your current content.

6. Devise the Strategy

Following your study, you'll need a strategy on how to apply the knowledge you've gathered. The platforms and tactics you employ to market your content will need to be carefully considered. You'll also need to consider the sort of material that will be most attractive to your target audience. White papers & blog entries, on the other hand, may not be a good fit for your target audience. In most circumstances, it's ideal to use a variety of media to get the most bang for your buck.

7. Plan the Resources

There are certain to be a plethora of ideas to draw from your content marketing study. However, you must also take into account the resources you have available to you. Decide if you will develop your own content or whether you will outsource the production of your content. As part of any content marketing effort, you'll also need a designated manager, as well as a team to handle comments and queries. Because content marketing may take a lot of time, you should be honest with yourself about how much time you have to spend on it.

8. Make a production schedule for your content

Now you must organise all of your ideas into a content publication timetable. The schedule should include a calendar of publishing dates as well as the people who will be responsible for each piece of material. A publication schedule will assist you in releasing material on a consistent basis, which is essential in content marketing.

9. The Content You Produce, Publish, and Promote

Each piece of the content that you post should be crafted to meet your goals. Remember to utilise the search terms that you've identified as well. Make sure your material is of good quality at all times. Don't hurry to fulfil a deadline on the content publication schedule by rushing to create content. Aside from posting your stuff online, you'll also have to advertise it. Be sure to spread the word about your posts through social media and email anybody you think may be interested.

10. Monitor And Refine

The last phase in the content marketing strategy is to keep tabs on the campaign's performance and make any adjustments depending on what you've learned. It is inevitable that your content strategy will change. As a result, you need to be adaptable in your content creation strategy.


It's not a one-time deal, as you can see from our step-by-step guide, to create a content marketing strategy. Your strategy will need to be adjusted as you gain experience and get a better understanding of your target audience and the material that works best for them. However, the preceding pointers should assist you in putting up a content marketing strategy.

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