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Jim-Rune Pedersen

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I am the founder and CEO of GoLoco Media. I've always wanted to create something truly great. Something that helps more people than I ever could on my own. With about 5 years of experience and being born in the "gen z" generation I have a strong foundation in the field of advertisement and marketing. From a young age I started looking into HTML and web site development. Soon I found a huge passion for the digital creation. A fun story, that really got me exited in helping entrepeneurs comes from a partnership with good friend of mine. It is some years ago now, but my best friend had (have) a business that has grown over 500% because of the website I made for him when I just got started. After this and studying psychology I transitioned more into stategy, branding, funnel creation and advertising. From there GoLoco Media exploded and have grown to a great team of individuals, where everyone is fulfilling each other's skills.

The reason why we created this blog is to give as much value in the world as possible. I love the idea of creating something that can have a positive effect on people's lives. Mine and my agency's mission will always remain to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by making them more effective online through the vast aspects of digital marketing and advertisement.